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Using H5P in Pressbooks

Author: Lynn MacGregor
Publisher: NSCC
Abstract: This open book was created in NSCC Pressbooks for a Council of Atlantic Academic Libraries (CAAL) s…

Key Concepts of Computer Studies

Author: Meizhong Wang
Publisher: NSCC
Abstract: If you are looking for a quick study guide in Computer Studies, this book is an excellent resource.…

Frontiers of supercomputing II: a national reassessment 

Author: Ames, Karyn R
Publisher: University of California Press,  1994
Abstract: no abstract

x86-64 Assembly Language Programming with Ubuntu

Author:University of Nevada Las Vegas
Abstract: The purpose of this text is to provide a reference for University level assembly language and syste…

A la defensa del disenso: Represión digital y defensa criptográfica de movimientos sociales

Author:Glencora Borradaile
Abstract: A la defensa del disenso es una introducción a la criptografía que atiende los efectos sociales de …

Zero Textbook Cost Syllabus for CIS 3367 (Spreadsheet Applications in Business)

Author:CUNY Academic Works
Abstract: The primary focus of this course is to learn how to construct and use powerful spreadsheets for eff…

Working With Files in Python

Author:CUNY Academic Works
Abstract: This is an introduction to work with files in Python.

What You Can Do to Remove Barriers on the Web

Author:Ryerson University
Abstract: This book accompanies the Accessibility Maze, a game developed to teach the basics of web accessibi…

Web Technologies and Application Development (Open Course) (KSU)

Author:Guangzhi Zheng
Abstract: This open course for Web Technologies and Application Development was created through a Round Ten A…

Web Technologies (GGC)

Author:Shuhua Lai
Abstract: This complete set of course materials contains all files used for in-class activities and labs, a f…
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