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Semiconductor Devices: Theory and Application Lab Manual

Author: James Fiore, NSCC
Publisher: NSCC
Abstract: The lab manual for Semiconductor Devices: Theory and Application.The NSCC editions are condensed ve…

Semiconductor Devices: Theory and Application

Author: James M. Fiore, NSCC
Publisher: Nova Scotia Community College
Abstract: The NSCC edition of Semiconductor Devices: Theory and Application is a condensed version customized…

Zero-Energy Design: an approach to make your building sustainable

Author:Ir. E.R. van den Ham
Abstract: Reduction of energy consumption of buildings is an important step in the move towards a sustainable…

Written Communication for Engineers

Author:New Prairie Press
Abstract: This course packet seeks to develop the upper level engineering student’s sense of audience and pur…

Women in Science: Why So Few? [Liberal Arts: Math and Science]

Abstract: This assigment was developed in the context of LaGuardia's Center for Teaching and Learning sponsor…

Wiskundige structuren

Author:Dr. Mark Veraar
Abstract: In dit college worden structuren uit de wiskunde behandeld, zoals natuurlijke getallen en inductie,…

Wind Energy

Author:Environmental Studies
Abstract: This book contains power points, worksheets, and content on1. Why Wind Energy

Water Works: Activating Heritage for Sustainable Development

Author:carola hein
Abstract: Water has served and sustained societies throughout history. Understanding the complex and diverse …

Water Management in Urban Areas Frans van de Ven
Abstract: Master course on design and planning of the urban water management system. It deals with fluxes and…

The Value of Business Models

Author:Delft University OpenCourseWare
Abstract: Does your business need a make-over? Are you unsure how to start?
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