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eMarketing: Marketing in a Digital World (EBIZ 2010)

Author: Rob Stokes
Abstract: This open textbook is an adapted version of eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Marketing in a Digit…

Exploring Substance Use in Canada

Author: Julie Crouse
Publisher: NSCC
Abstract: This open textbook is designed for post-secondary learners who want to improve their knowledge abou…

Introduction to Psychology Study Guide

Author: Sarah Murray
Publisher: NSCC
Abstract: This study guide is designed to accompany the Introduction to Psychology – Ist Canadian Edition ope…

Foundations in Digital Marketing

Author: Rochelle Grayson
Publisher: NSCC
Abstract: Foundations in Digital Marketing is a textbook intended to introduce marketing students to the worl…

A very social time: crafting community in antebellum New England 

Author: Hansen, Karen V
Publisher: University of California Press,  1994
Abstract: no abstract

Legitimate differences: interpretation in the abortion controversy and other public debates 

Author: Warnke, Georgia
Publisher: University of California Press,  1999
Abstract: no abstract

Reconcilable differences: confronting beauty, pornography, and the future of feminism 

Author: Chancer, Lynn S 1954-
Publisher: University of California Press,  1998
Abstract: no abstract

Althusser and the renewal of Marxist social theory 

Author: Resch, Robert Paul
Publisher: University of California Press,  1992
Abstract: no abstract

On Heidegger's Nazism and philosophy 

Author: Rockmore, Tom 1942-
Publisher: University of California Press,  1991
Abstract: no abstract

The nuclear seduction: why the arms race doesn't matter and what does 

Author: Schwartz, William A
Publisher: University of California Press,  1989
Abstract: no abstract
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